Review of the GTRacing GT099 Gaming Chair

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GTRacing makes affordable gaming chairs that aim to compete with pricier brands. The GT099 model costs just $159.99 but mimics the bucket seat design and bright PU leather upholstery of more expensive gaming chairs. This in-depth review will examine the GT099’s design, features, assembly, comfort, and overall performance as a budget gaming chair option.

GTRacing GT099

4.3 out of 5

GTRacing has been making big waves on Amazon with its line of budget-friendly gaming chairs. Today, I’m looking at one of its best-sellers, the GT099, to see exactly how much gaming glory $159.99 can buy

Comfort 4.5 out of 5
For gaming 4.3 out of 5
Easy to assemble 4.3 out of 5
Support 4.1 out of 5
Good Stuff Affordable price under $200 Stylish gaming-inspired design Adjustable armrests and reclining backrest Easy assembly with included tools Thick padded seat cushion
Bad Stuff Thin bolsters allow frame to be felt Limited range of comfortable sitting positions Stiff tilt mechanism makes rocking difficult Narrow armrest width under 28 inches Short 1 year warranty period

Design and Features :

At first glance, the GT099 follows the typical gaming chair template, with a race car-inspired bucket seat, vibrant PU leather trim, and iconic removable neck and lumbar pillows. It looks remarkably similar to premium gaming chairs from DXRacer and Maxnomic that cost two or three times as much. The GT099 comes in black PU leather accentuated by red stitching and trim. The chevron stitching pattern on the backrest further elevates the aesthetic. From a distance, it would be hard to distinguish this budget chair from a premium gaming throne.

Upon closer inspection, however, the limitations of the GT099’s cheaper construction become apparent. The upholstery has ripples right out of the box, and the plastic red accents on the base and casters look and feel toy-like. The adjustment mechanism under the chair is basic and lower quality compared to premium brands. These little shortcuts add up, making it clear this is a budget gaming chair, not a high-end model.

GTRacing GT099 

Where you plant your backside is one of the most overlooked parts of PC gaming, making the best gaming chairs 

199.99159.99By on Amazon

The GT099 includes a lockable tilt, reclining backrest, height adjustment, and movable armrests like most gaming chairs. It can support users up to 330 pounds. The chair may feel tight for larger gamers due to the bolstered sides, however.

Assembly and Comfort :

Assembling the GT099 took about 25 minutes using the included tools and manual. Unlike other gaming chairs, the reclining mechanism was exposed out of the box instead of pre-attached to the seat. This seemed like a safety hazard, as GTRacing provided no warning about keeping hands away like other brands.

The seat cushioning itself is thick and comfortable. However, the backrest padding is extremely thin at just 1.5 inches thick. There is minimal lumbar support without using the pillow. The bolsters also lack padding, so the chair’s frame is felt while sitting. This limits comfortable positions compared to chairs with well-padded bolsters.

Performance for Gaming :

The GT099 works decently for upright gaming sessions at a desk since the seat padding itself is ample. But the lack of lower back support causes strains during longer gaming marathons. The stiff tilt mechanism also makes rocking back a chore rather than a comfort. Armrests easily twist out of position with the lightest touch.

For laidback controller gaming, the GT099 reclines enough to kick back. But again, the thin backrest padding causes discomfort sooner than a quality gaming chair would. The GT099 offers more adjustability and freedom than a cheap $100 office chair. Yet its mediocre padding means it does not provide the same comfort as premium gaming chair brands.

GTRacing GT099 

Where you plant your backside is one of the most overlooked parts of PC gaming, making the best gaming chairs 

199.99159.99By on Amazon

Conclusion :
At just $151.99, the GTRacing GT099 mimics the aesthetic of pricier gaming chairs but cuts corners on materials and construction. The result is a budget gaming chair that looks slick but has merely average comfort and ergonomic support. Serious gamers who play for long hours may want to invest more for a premium chair with better quality padding and adjustment options. For casual gamers on a strict budget, the GT099 is a decent placeholder until you can afford an upgrade. Just don’t expect the same level of comfort and durability as more expensive gaming thrones.

Are there any other features or aspects of the GT099 that I should be aware of before making a decision?

  • Armrest width – The armrests on the GT099 are not very wide, measuring only 27.5 inches across. This may be uncomfortably narrow for broader individuals.
  • Seat cushion – The seat cushion is fairly firm and does not contain much sink. Some may find it too hard for longer gaming sessions.
  • Wheel/castor quality – The wheels use a hybrid plastic/rubber material that does not roll as smoothly as pure PU wheels on pricier chairs.
  • Backrest adjustability – The backrest only reclines and does not allow adjusting the tilt angle or locking in an upright position.
  • Height range – The chair height adjusts from 17.3 inches to 21.25 inches. So it may not go low enough for shorter users.
  • Warranty – GTRacing provides a 1 year warranty on the GT099, less coverage than more expensive brands.
  • Customer service – Response time and English proficiency are lower with GTRacing compared to top gaming chair companies.
  • Quality control – There seems to be more variance in quality on a budget model like the GT099. Some units may hold up better than others.
  • Weight capacity – The 330 lb weight capacity may be pushing the limits for taller/larger users despite being marketed as “oversized.”

So in summary, the GT099 makes some expected compromises as a budget gaming chair model. Narrower armrests, firmer seat, basic backrest movement, and quality control issues are worth noting before purchase.

Can you recommend any budget-focused gaming chairs that offer better quality and comfort?

  • RESPAWN 110 – Around $200, has thicker padding and lumbar support, and a 275 lb capacity. More adjustable armrests.
  • OFM Essentials Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair – Under $150, ample padding, integrated lumbar support, and high backrest.
  • Homall Gaming Chair – Around $130, class-4 gas lift for better rocking, and wider padded armrests.
  • Furmax Leather Gaming Chair – Under $100, thick cushioning and high backrest, good size for big & tall.
  • BestOffice PC Gaming Chair – Around $130, quality PU leather, ample padding, and smooth rolling casters.
  • AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair – Under $200, designed specifically for female body contours.

These all offer thicker padding, more adjustability, and smoother rocking than the GT099 at similar budget price points. Doing a bit more research can find a chair with better quality and comfort potential even on a budget.

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